btn-quoteWheel Loader SkidSteer & Telehandler Scale System

  • Automatic, speed compensated, dynamic weighing
  • Static Weighing
  • 5 individual display channels
  • Proven Sensor Technology
  • Printing
  • Backlit LCD graphic display and keypad

The WeighLog 200 provides a low cost solution for various Industrial and Agricultural needs. The WeighLog 200 measures hydraulic pressure at a specific position on the lifting cycle either Dynamically (as the load is being lifted) or Statically (where the load is being lifted to a pre-set reference position where it is held until a reading is calculated). The WeighLog 200 has automatic compensation for variable speeds of lift giving even greater load flexibility.

The WeighLog 200 has 5 individual display channels available, which can be calibrated for up to 5 different loader attachments or can be used to record quantities of five different commodities/ingredients. Each channel will display the Net bucket weight at each lift which then can be added to the total for the channel in use if required.

Wilk Electronics provides high quality Excavator and Wheel Loader scale systems that fit any make or model excavator or wheel loader.