Dynamic Scale system for Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers and Telehandlers

btn-quoteThe Wilk Weighlog 3030 incorporates the latest color touchscreen technology providing a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for trailer & hopper loading, batch blending or check weighing.

Loading correctly first time maximizes productivity, efficiency, reduces vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine & tire wear. As with all Wilk loader scales, consistently providing accurate readings is what the Weighlog 3030 does best. The loading process is further simplified by the easy to use touchscreen display.

Weighlog 3030 Features


Easy to use 4.3’’ color touch screen display

The Weighlog 3030 features a full touchscreen display with a collection of icons surrounding the screen and 4 physical push buttons along the bottom side of the display. Most operation of the 3030 loader scale is done using this display.

Stores up to 30 Customers and 30 Products

The Weighlog 3030 scale can store up to 30 Products and 30 Customers. Customizable via the corresponding icons on the touchscreen display. In addition, customer defined target loads are automatically associated with each product.

Load on the go, no stopping the machine or bucket

Increased loading efficiency by never stopping the machine to weigh a bucket, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Communication via SD card and USB Memory Stick

Customer, product and load information can be stored through either SD card or USB memory, depending on your preference.

Target loads

Define target loads per truck or customer. Further increasing loading efficiency.

Optional Printing capability with ICP 300 Printer

Print receipts in cab of each load for your customers or your own records.


Accurate On Board Weighing

Weighing your load correctly from the wheel loader saves time by reducing trips to the scale, increasing efficiency and profit.

Simple to Use

The touchscreen display is extremely responsive and easy to use. Easily configure your customer and product data, target loads, loader attachments and more. Large weight readings are easily visible and a small form factor provide for an unobtrusive view of your operation.

btn-quoteData Management

Manage a collection of information on products, customers and loads. Built in SD and USB memory for storage and in cab printing capabilities can further help manage your operation.

Wilk Electronics provides high quality Excavator and Wheel Loader scale systems that fit any make or model excavator or wheel loader.